sale [ seıl ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount the process of selling goods or services for money:
sale of: a prohibition on the sale of arms
a ) count a single instance of selling goods or services:
make/lose a sale: I'm willing to lower the price in order to make a sale.
b ) only before noun relating to the process of selling goods or services:
The painting sold for more than double its estimated sale price.
2. ) count an event or period of time during which a store reduces the prices of some of its goods:
the after-Christmas sales
sale on: The store is having a sale on appliances next week.
a ) an event at which people meet to buy and sell things, normally at a place that is not regularly used for this purpose:
The public library is organizing a second-hand book sale.
b ) an event at which things are sold to the person who offers to pay the highest price: AUCTION
3. ) sales plural the total number of things that a company sells within a particular period of time, or the money it earns by selling things:
We hope to increase sales this year to $50 million.
Do you have the sales figures yet?
Sales are up for the month of May.
a ) the activity of trying to sell products or services:
I've been in car sales for five years now.
b ) the department of a company that sells its products or services:
You'll have to check availability with sales.
for sale
available for people to buy:
That particular item is not for sale.
on sale
1. ) available for people to buy:
Tickets for the performance are on sale at the box office.
2. ) AMERICAN available for people to buy at a price that is less than the usual price. British on offer:
Bedding usually goes on sale in January.
up for sale
available for people to buy:
I have my car up for sale to help pay my education costs.
put something up for sale: We're putting the factory up for sale.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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